Bob Johnson


Bob Johnson, inducted into the Top Gun Hall of Fame in 2011. 2010 HOF member Clyde Phillips described Bob as an “unbelievable Manager and an even better person”. Bob played/coached Top Gun teams since 2001. Served on the Board of Directors from 01’ to 06’ and was President for three terms. He competed/coached World Championship teams in 01’ and 04’ and an 03’ victory in the Huntsman Games. 2011 HOF member David Johnson described Bob’s managerial skills “he instilled a practice ethic that equally emphasized offense and defense. He defined roles for people that fit into a team concept”. Kevin Evans shared a concept offered by Bob, “all you have to do is get two hits a game and we’ll win”. Basics skills with common sense execution were the hallmark of the teams that he coached. David Johnson shared that “His ability to hit either line made him a tough out in any game”. His career batting average was .700 with occasional power to all fields. Bob’s contribution to the Top Gun Senior Softball Association as President through his dedication and commitment elevated the awareness and status of the Association in senior softball. Under his leadership, the association added highly competitive teams in all age groups (50+ to 80+).