The Top Gun Hall of Fame recognizes some of the greatest players in Top Gun’s history. These players have achieved this high honor through their exemplary play and teamwork.

How to be eligible for TG Hall of Fame

  • Must be involved in the organization for more than 10 years
  • Been apart of 6 or more Major Championships
  • Considered a top player by teammates

How it works

Submit a Nominee

Submit Nominees to TG Chairman of the HoF by September 1st in the awarding year. Nominees can be submitted by anyone who is currently or has previously been apart of the Top Gun Organization.

Receive 2/3rds vote

Nominees must receive a two-thirds vote of the total votes cast by Top Gun Hall of Fame Members.

Inductees Notified

Inductees will be notified in October and then honored at the Awards Banquet in December.

Inductees Recognized

Inductees will receive a plaque to recognize their achievement and have their name added to the TG perpetual plaque. They will also have the opportunity to purchase a Top Gun Hall of Fame ring.

Top Gun Hall of Fame Inductees