Clyde Phillips



Clyde Phillips, inducted into the Top Gun Hall of Fame in 2010. Rich Pratt shared that Clyde’s contribution to Top Gun Senior Softball extends well beyond the borders of San Diego County. Clyde can be heard many a game exclaiming “It’s just slow pitch softball, Senior Softball”. Kevin Evans shared “The impact that any individual has on a team can only be measured by their heart. Clyde has played for many years, living his dream of softball competition at the highest level. On and off the field, Clyde represented everything that Top Gun Senior Softball stands for. His loyalty, dedication, and commitment to his team are what distinguish him as a leader”. Clyde has played Top Gun Senior Softball since 2004 exclusively with the Top Gun 50+ and Top Gun 55+ teams. He has competed on three World (Spring 09’ & 12’; SSUSA World 04’) Championships teams. He has been awarded four MVP awards and four All-Tournament awards. Clyde’s statistical numbers places him in the top tier of senior softball players in San Diego County. He has a lifetime batting average of .734, with a 1256 slugging percentage which best illustrates Clyde’s quote “Chicks dig the long ball”.