Don Ludwig


Don Ludwig is considered one of the best pitchers ever to play in the Top Gun Senior Softball.  He pitched on two Master World championship team in 2001 and 2004.  He has been on many all tournament team selections.  However he is a fierce competitor, but never one to put himself above the team as displayed in a Spring World Tournament in Mesquite.  He pulled himself due to the fact that he felt he would hurt the team’s chances of winning the tournament by either pitching or hitting.  That gesture was felt by the entire team and was noted after the team had won that tournament.  That is the ultimate competitor and with that attitude he was very successful on all Top Gun teams for over 15 years and thus his selection as a HOF player that any team would want pitching for them.   He was also a really great hitter as well and when he did not pitch played other positions with skill and ability that never hurt his team’s chances to win.  His HOF resume is more than just wins but is a testament to the player he is on every Top Gun team he played for.