Rico Coronado


Rico Coronado, inducted into the Top Gun Hall of Fame in 2013. 2010 HOF member Clyde Phillips described Rico as the person who single handedly brought slow pitch softball to the forefront in San Diego County. Rico’s mark on slow-pitch softball tournaments spans over 40 years with the first USSSA Fire Cracker tournament in 1974. Rico’s career in slow-pitch softball started with the formation of “The Travelers” softball club in the early 70’s. He started playing senior slow pitch softball at the age of 55 and started his career with Top Gun as a member of a Top Gun 60’s team coached by HOF member Red Simmons. As he grew older, Rico joined the Top Gun 65’s coached by HOF member Bill Chapman and currently competes with the Top Gun 70’s team coached by Ed Ballinger. 2011 HOF member Bob Johnson said it best when he shared that “Rico has been a mentor to so many players in slow pitch softball”. Bob further added that “what Rico brings to the park is competitive drive and fire that elevates his level of play and those around him”. Friend and fellow teammate Dick Weber said it best when he described Rico as “a friend and consummate teammate”. He further stated that “Rico is a fierce competitor on the field and you root for him when he is on your team and you hate to face him on the opposing team”. Rico has amassed five championships in his career and has given his championship rings to his two daughters and granddaughter. Kevin Evans shared that “many a player cut their teeth in slow pitch softball by competing in one of Rico’s tournaments”. The success of Top Gun Senior Softball can be attributed to the quality competition players received by competing in the Fire Cracker tournament. The memories and friendships gained from playing on a team in the Top Gun Senior Softball Association is forever and to Rico Coronado, thank you for being a major part of that success.