Top Gun Blue Angels: The Senior Softball Legends Clinch Rock-N-Reno Challenge

The Top Gun Blue Angels 85+ senior softball team has once again proven their mettle by clinching the championship at the prestigious Rock-N-Reno Challenge. This victory not only reinforces their status as the defending world champions but also highlights their resilience and competitive spirit. The tournament, known for being the oldest Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) qualifier, celebrated its 36th year with an impressive participation of 182 teams spanning various age groups and skill levels.

A Lone Contender Triumphs

The Top Gun Blue Angels were the sole representatives of the Top Gun organization in this year’s Rock-N-Reno Challenge, and they made their presence felt in an emphatic fashion. Under the leadership of the legendary player-manager Red Simmons, the team demonstrated why they are a force to be reckoned with in senior softball. Seeded second in the tournament, the Blue Angels faced stiff competition, particularly from the formidable Scrap Iron 85 Legends.

The Road to Victory

Their journey in the tournament was anything but smooth. Despite missing five key starters, the Blue Angels faced a setback when they narrowly lost the A side final to Scrap Iron 85 Legends by a single run. However, true to their fighting spirit, the team did not let this loss deter them. Instead, they regrouped and prepared for the challenging path ahead.

In the third-place game, the Blue Angels showcased their resilience and determination by securing a crucial victory. This win set the stage for a dramatic showdown against Scrap Iron 85 Legends in the finals. The Blue Angels needed to win twice to clinch the championship, a daunting task that tested their skill and endurance.

A Double Dip to Glory

In an extraordinary display of talent and perseverance, the Blue Angels rose to the occasion. They managed to defeat Scrap Iron 85 Legends not just once, but twice, in back-to-back games. The final game was particularly thrilling, as the Blue Angels came from behind to secure the victory. Trailing by four runs with the bottom of the order due up, the team rallied impressively, showcasing their depth and determination to pull out the win. This “double dip” victory was a testament to their strategic acumen, physical conditioning, and unyielding spirit.

Standout Performers

Several players made significant contributions throughout the tournament, earning All-Tournament honors. Dave Duarte, Terry Nafsinger, Gene Hanson, Frank Seaberg, and Lynn Anglin were instrumental in the team’s success, each delivering crucial performances when it mattered most.

Led by a Legend

Central to the Blue Angels’ success is Red Simmons, a Hall of Famer whose dual role as player and manager has been instrumental in guiding the team to numerous victories. Simmons’ experience, leadership, and passion for the game have been invaluable assets, inspiring his teammates to perform at their best. His strategic decisions and on-field performance continue to set a high standard for the team.

Looking Ahead

With the Rock-N-Reno Challenge title now added to their impressive list of accolades, the Top Gun Blue Angels are not just resting on their laurels. As the defending world champions, they are well aware of the targets on their backs and are continuously striving to improve and prepare for future challenges. The team will have their starters back for the upcoming Western Nationals and World Championships, bolstering their already formidable lineup.


The Top Gun Blue Angels’ triumph at the Rock-N-Reno Challenge is a story of resilience, teamwork, and exceptional leadership. Their journey through the tournament, capped by the thrilling double victories in the finals, underscores their status as legends in the sport. As they continue to dominate the senior softball scene, the Blue Angels remain an inspiration to athletes of all ages, exemplifying the enduring spirit of competition and camaraderie.

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