Top Gun Tune-Up Tournament Recap, May 15-19 at Big League Dreams, Perris, California

Top Gun Tournament a Success

The Top Gun Tune-Up Tournament, held in collaboration with Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) and Top Gun Senior Softball (TGSS), took place from May 15-19 at Big League Dreams in Perris, California. The event attracted 44 teams, divided into nine categories. Thanks to the exceptional leadership of tournament director Jerry Smith, the tournament proceeded smoothly, featuring excellent weather, fantastic fields, and top-notch officiating.

Session 1 Highlights

Session 1 featured intensely competitive games, especially in the 70/75/80 Gold division, which ended in a remarkable five-way tie. Each team recorded two wins and two losses in a round-robin format. Since head-to-head results were inconclusive, final standings were determined by runs allowed. Git-R-Done 75 emerged victorious, conceding just 43 runs across four games. Top Gun 80 Gold and Top Gun Olde Dawgs 75 finished 3rd and 5th, respectively, both with 2-2 records. In the 65/70 Platinum division, Top Gun teams also performed well, with TG Stealth 65 Major finishing 2nd and TG Over the Edge 70 Major Plus securing 3rd place, behind an unbeaten Scorpion team.

Session 2 Highlights

Session 2 saw Top Gun teams dominate, winning championships in all four divisions they entered. In the 50 Platinum division, Top Gun Diamonds emerged as the top 50 Major team, battling through the losers’ bracket before ultimately falling to Stadium, a 50 Major Plus team they bested in seeding. The undefeated Top Gun Renegades triumphed in the 50/55 Gold division, narrowly defeating Top Gun G-Force by one run in the second round of seeding. The Top Gun Warriors 60+ Major excelled in the 55/60 Gold division, remaining undefeated and overcoming a resilient Top Gun Storm 55+AAA team in the final, which had won four straight elimination games. In the 60+ AAA division, Top Gun Fury went undefeated as the top seed, overcoming the gritty Harper Boys, who had fought their way through the losers’ bracket, winning four straight elimination games before the final.

Final Standings

Men’s 50+ Platinum:

  1. Stadium (CA) – (50+ Major Plus Champions)
  2. Top Gun Diamonds (CA) – (50+ Major Champions)
  3. WYD (CA)

Men’s 60+ AAA:

  1. Top Gun Fury (CA)
  2. Harper Boyz (CA)
  3. So Cal NDY (CA)

Men’s 65/70+ Gold:

  1. No Guts, No Glory (CA) – (70+ Major Champions)
  2. D & K Softball (CA)
  3. So-Cal Titans 65s

Men’s 50/55+ Gold:

  1. Top Gun Renegades (CA) – (50+ AAA Champions)
  2. Viejos So Cal
  3. SoCal Bears

Men’s 60+ AA:

  1. So Cal Riptide 60 (CA)
  2. NAK (CA)

Men’s 70/75+ Gold:

  1. Majestic 70 (CA) – (70+ AAA Champions)
  2. Git-R-Done 70 (CA)
  3. SoCal Gusto

Men’s 55/60+ Gold:

  1. Top Gun Warriors (CA) – (60+ Major Champions)
  2. Top Gun Storm (CA)
  3. Venom 55s (CA)

Men’s 65/70+ Platinum:

  1. California Scorpions (65+ Major Champions)
  2. Top Gun Stealth (CA)
  3. Top Gun Over The Edge (CA)

Men’s 70/75/80+ Gold:

  1. Git-R-Done 75 (CA) – (75+ AAA)
  2. Lights Out 70 (CA)
  3. So Cal Warriors 75s

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