Presidents Award Winners

Rick Fisher

Player of the Year Honorees

Top Gun Diamonds 50 – Mike Amonette
Top Gun Growlers 55 – Thomas Beck
Top Gun Phantoms 55 – Jeff Blakeman
Top Gun Lightning 60 – Mario Aguinaga
Top Gun Elite 65 – Vince Skandunas

Top Gun Olde Dawgs 70 – Gary Nieman
Top Gun Patriots 70 – Ron DeVincenzo
Top Gun Six Bits 75 – Claude Hatton
Top Gun Gold 80 – Gene Adams
Top Gun Diamonds 80 – Frank Sperling

Hall of Fame Inductees

Scott Wolters

Scott began his Top Gun Senior Softball career in 2010. He has played on Top Gun teams in the 55’s, 60’s and now in the 65’s Division. He is not only a great infielder but is an even better person and teammate. Scott has earned many All-Tournament awards for his outstanding defensive play and hitting. Scott had the winning hit in the 2015 Masters Championship which ultimately resulted in securing the coveted Triple Crown for the team. Scott has one of the best releases known as a second baseman in turning a double play along with the uncanny ability to play all over his side of the infield. He is a true asset and ambassador for Top Gun Senior Softball. Scott Wolters is highly deserving of his induction into the Top Gun Hall of Fame.

Jesus Godoy

Jesus’s love for baseball began when he was just a boy in Cuba. As he got older, his passion became slow-pitch softball. For 15 years he had the pleasure to play for a great team, Top Gun. His team has played and won countless tournaments throughout the American Southwest. What makes Top Gun such a great team is not just the wins, the individual awards or tournament awards, but the bond of the teammates. Without the dedication of the coaches and players like: Bob Pucci, Red Simmons, Don McCage, Billy Poe, Dave Duarte, John Fisher and Tony Lavarone, none of this would have been possible.

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