Top Gun Tune-Up Tournament Recap, May 15-19 at Big League Dreams, Perris, California

Top Gun Tournament a Success

The Top Gun Tune-Up Tournament, held in collaboration with Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) and Top Gun Senior Softball (TGSS), took place from May 15-19 at Big League Dreams in Perris, California. The event attracted 44 teams, divided into nine categories. Thanks to the exceptional leadership of tournament director Jerry Smith, the tournament proceeded smoothly, featuring excellent weather, fantastic fields, and top-notch officiating.

Session 1 Highlights

Session 1 featured intensely competitive games, especially in the 70/75/80 Gold division, which ended in a remarkable five-way tie. Each team recorded two wins and two losses in a round-robin format. Since head-to-head results were inconclusive, final standings were determined by runs allowed. Git-R-Done 75 emerged victorious, conceding just 43 runs across four games. Top Gun 80 Gold and Top Gun Olde Dawgs 75 finished 3rd and 5th, respectively, both with 2-2 records. In the 65/70 Platinum division, Top Gun teams also performed well, with TG Stealth 65 Major finishing 2nd and TG Over the Edge 70 Major Plus securing 3rd place, behind an unbeaten Scorpion team.

Session 2 Highlights

Session 2 saw Top Gun teams dominate, winning championships in all four divisions they entered. In the 50 Platinum division, Top Gun Diamonds emerged as the top 50 Major team, battling through the losers’ bracket before ultimately falling to Stadium, a 50 Major Plus team they bested in seeding. The undefeated Top Gun Renegades triumphed in the 50/55 Gold division, narrowly defeating Top Gun G-Force by one run in the second round of seeding. The Top Gun Warriors 60+ Major excelled in the 55/60 Gold division, remaining undefeated and overcoming a resilient Top Gun Storm 55+AAA team in the final, which had won four straight elimination games. In the 60+ AAA division, Top Gun Fury went undefeated as the top seed, overcoming the gritty Harper Boys, who had fought their way through the losers’ bracket, winning four straight elimination games before the final.

Final Standings

Men’s 50+ Platinum:

  1. Stadium (CA) – (50+ Major Plus Champions)
  2. Top Gun Diamonds (CA) – (50+ Major Champions)
  3. WYD (CA)

Men’s 60+ AAA:

  1. Top Gun Fury (CA)
  2. Harper Boyz (CA)
  3. So Cal NDY (CA)

Men’s 65/70+ Gold:

  1. No Guts, No Glory (CA) – (70+ Major Champions)
  2. D & K Softball (CA)
  3. So-Cal Titans 65s

Men’s 50/55+ Gold:

  1. Top Gun Renegades (CA) – (50+ AAA Champions)
  2. Viejos So Cal
  3. SoCal Bears

Men’s 60+ AA:

  1. So Cal Riptide 60 (CA)
  2. NAK (CA)

Men’s 70/75+ Gold:

  1. Majestic 70 (CA) – (70+ AAA Champions)
  2. Git-R-Done 70 (CA)
  3. SoCal Gusto

Men’s 55/60+ Gold:

  1. Top Gun Warriors (CA) – (60+ Major Champions)
  2. Top Gun Storm (CA)
  3. Venom 55s (CA)

Men’s 65/70+ Platinum:

  1. California Scorpions (65+ Major Champions)
  2. Top Gun Stealth (CA)
  3. Top Gun Over The Edge (CA)

Men’s 70/75/80+ Gold:

  1. Git-R-Done 75 (CA) – (75+ AAA)
  2. Lights Out 70 (CA)
  3. So Cal Warriors 75s

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Top Gun Blue Angels: The Senior Softball Legends Clinch Rock-N-Reno Challenge

The Top Gun Blue Angels 85+ senior softball team has once again proven their mettle by clinching the championship at the prestigious Rock-N-Reno Challenge. This victory not only reinforces their status as the defending world champions but also highlights their resilience and competitive spirit. The tournament, known for being the oldest Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) qualifier, celebrated its 36th year with an impressive participation of 182 teams spanning various age groups and skill levels.

A Lone Contender Triumphs

The Top Gun Blue Angels were the sole representatives of the Top Gun organization in this year’s Rock-N-Reno Challenge, and they made their presence felt in an emphatic fashion. Under the leadership of the legendary player-manager Red Simmons, the team demonstrated why they are a force to be reckoned with in senior softball. Seeded second in the tournament, the Blue Angels faced stiff competition, particularly from the formidable Scrap Iron 85 Legends.

The Road to Victory

Their journey in the tournament was anything but smooth. Despite missing five key starters, the Blue Angels faced a setback when they narrowly lost the A side final to Scrap Iron 85 Legends by a single run. However, true to their fighting spirit, the team did not let this loss deter them. Instead, they regrouped and prepared for the challenging path ahead.

In the third-place game, the Blue Angels showcased their resilience and determination by securing a crucial victory. This win set the stage for a dramatic showdown against Scrap Iron 85 Legends in the finals. The Blue Angels needed to win twice to clinch the championship, a daunting task that tested their skill and endurance.

A Double Dip to Glory

In an extraordinary display of talent and perseverance, the Blue Angels rose to the occasion. They managed to defeat Scrap Iron 85 Legends not just once, but twice, in back-to-back games. The final game was particularly thrilling, as the Blue Angels came from behind to secure the victory. Trailing by four runs with the bottom of the order due up, the team rallied impressively, showcasing their depth and determination to pull out the win. This “double dip” victory was a testament to their strategic acumen, physical conditioning, and unyielding spirit.

Standout Performers

Several players made significant contributions throughout the tournament, earning All-Tournament honors. Dave Duarte, Terry Nafsinger, Gene Hanson, Frank Seaberg, and Lynn Anglin were instrumental in the team’s success, each delivering crucial performances when it mattered most.

Led by a Legend

Central to the Blue Angels’ success is Red Simmons, a Hall of Famer whose dual role as player and manager has been instrumental in guiding the team to numerous victories. Simmons’ experience, leadership, and passion for the game have been invaluable assets, inspiring his teammates to perform at their best. His strategic decisions and on-field performance continue to set a high standard for the team.

Looking Ahead

With the Rock-N-Reno Challenge title now added to their impressive list of accolades, the Top Gun Blue Angels are not just resting on their laurels. As the defending world champions, they are well aware of the targets on their backs and are continuously striving to improve and prepare for future challenges. The team will have their starters back for the upcoming Western Nationals and World Championships, bolstering their already formidable lineup.


The Top Gun Blue Angels’ triumph at the Rock-N-Reno Challenge is a story of resilience, teamwork, and exceptional leadership. Their journey through the tournament, capped by the thrilling double victories in the finals, underscores their status as legends in the sport. As they continue to dominate the senior softball scene, the Blue Angels remain an inspiration to athletes of all ages, exemplifying the enduring spirit of competition and camaraderie.

Spotlight on Lee Bade: A Dedicated Top Gun Senior Softball Member

At Top Gun, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting senior softball and raising funds for charitable causes, our members shine both on and off the field. One such outstanding member is Lee Bade, whose commitment to the sport and community service exemplifies the spirit of Top Gun.

Lee has been an integral part of Top Gun for the past 8 years, contributing to various teams from the 55+ age group and up. His dedication and skill were most recently recognized in 2023 when he was named Player of the Year for the Top Gun Warriors 60+ major team. Despite his demanding full-time job, Lee manages to balance his professional and athletic commitments with significant charitable efforts.

One cause particularly close to Lee’s heart is the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, an event he participates in annually. This year’s climb will be held on August 31 at the Hilton Bayfront in downtown San Diego. As a transplanted New Yorker with first responders in his family, Lee has a personal connection to this cause. The stair climb is conducted in memory of the firefighters who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Participants, including Lee and his team members, will be ascending 30 flights of stairs three times. The funds raised through this event support Firefighter Aid, a registered 501(c)(3) charity that provides critical assistance to firefighters and their families in times of crisis, and promotes health and safety within the firefighting community.

Lee’s involvement in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb not only honors the brave firefighters of New York but also underscores the philanthropic spirit that permeates Top Gun. His dedication to this cause serves as an inspiration to his fellow members, encouraging them to support charities that resonate with them personally.

We invite everyone to join Lee’s team or to contribute to this worthy cause. More information on how to participate or donate can be found in the link provided.

Lee Bade’s commitment to giving back is a testament to the impact that Top Gun members can have, both within their communities and beyond. His example is a powerful reminder of the positive difference we can all make in the world.

For more information on how to participate or donate, please follow the link below:

Celebrating the Top Gun Players of the Year for 2023

In the world of sports, excellence isn’t always defined by statistics or titles. Sometimes, it’s the intangible qualities that truly set a player apart. These qualities might include leadership, dedication, teamwork, and the undeniable spirit of a champion. For the Top Gun community, these attributes are celebrated through the annual tradition of selecting the “Player of the Year.” These are individuals who embody the essence of Top Gun – individuals who may not always be the star players but contribute in meaningful ways to their team’s success.

Top Gun isn’t just about winning championships; it’s about creating an environment where athletes and teams can thrive. It’s about camaraderie, sportsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The “Player of the Year” represents these values in the most remarkable fashion.

These are the players who go above and beyond their roles on the field. They inspire their teammates, lead by example, and bring out the best in those around them. While their contributions may not always be measured in stats, their impact on the team is immeasurable.

One unique aspect of the Top Gun “Player of the Year” selection is that it’s made by each team’s manager based on criteria of their choosing. This process ensures that the recognition is deeply personal and acknowledges those players who, in the eyes of their coaches, have made a significant difference during the season.

2023 Top Gun Players of the Year

Sonny Coon

Renegades 50+AAA

Scotty Charles

Diamonds 50+ Major

Ross Chapa

Storm 55+AAA

Rob Katashima

Phantoms 55+ Major

Larry Kennedy

Fury 60+AAA

Lee Bade

Warriors 60+ Major

Steve Vin Curek

Stealth 65+AAA

Gary Bloch

Olde Dawgs 70+AA

Dave Bubb

Olde Dawgs 75+AAA

Jerry Herling

Gold 80+AAA

Gene Adams

Blue Angels 85+ Major

Celebrating Excellence: Bob Johnson Inducted into SSUSA Hall of Fame

We are thrilled to share some exciting news within the Top Gun Senior Softball community — our very own Bob Johnson has been elected to the Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) Hall of Fame! This prestigious honor recognizes not only Bob’s outstanding playing and managing career but also his remarkable leadership and all-encompassing contributions to the sport of senior softball.

Bob’s journey in senior softball has been nothing short of extraordinary. His playing career, spanning from 2001 to 2005, was marked by an exceptional level of excellence, with a lifetime batting average of an impressive .725. However, it is his role as a coach, mentor, and leader that truly sets him apart.

As the President of Top Gun Senior Softball (TGSS) from 2001-2006 and again from 2015 to the present, Bob has been instrumental in shaping the organization into what it is today. Under his visionary leadership, TGSS expanded from five teams to a flourishing league of 13 teams by 2024. His commitment to fiscal responsibility and good governance resulted in the successful transition of TGSS into a registered non-profit organization, ensuring its long-term financial health.

Bob’s coaching career further exemplifies his dedication to the sport. From leading the Top Gun II 50s+ team to two world championships in 2001 and 2004 to coaching the Top Gun Diamonds 80s team to victories at Spring Worlds, Southwest Championships, and the Tournament of Champions, his impact on the field has been profound.

What makes this achievement even more special is the selfless nature of Bob Johnson. He eschewed personal recognition, never selecting himself for any MVP or All-Tournament selections, always directing the spotlight towards his teammates. His ethos of team-first and commitment to the collective success and camaraderie of the team is a testament to his character.

Bob’s induction into the SSUSA Hall of Fame is not just an individual honor; it is a reflection of the excellence and dedication within the Top Gun organization as a whole. His meritorious service to Top Gun Senior Softball has been a driving force behind the growth and success of our community. As we celebrate this momentous achievement, let us also recognize the enduring impact Bob Johnson has had on senior softball, and specifically, the Top Gun family.

Join us in congratulating Bob on this well-deserved honor! His legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations of Top Gun players to come.

Top Gun Annual Banquet Sets New Records

The annual Top Gun banquet held on November 4th at the Elks Club in Vista was a night to remember. With Phil’s BBQ providing the catering, this year’s event surpassed all expectations, setting new records and leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

This year’s banquet drew an impressive crowd of 150 attendees, marking a remarkable 50% increase from the previous year. The camaraderie and sense of community among Top Gun members were on full display as players, coaches, and supporters came together to celebrate another outstanding season.

Bob Johnson, Brad Schreck and Don Ludwig presenting the donation check of $2,500 to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

The Top Gun community once again showcased its commitment to giving back. A generous donation of $2500 was made to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. This donation not only exemplifies the spirit of goodwill within Top Gun but also provides invaluable support to those who have served our country.

“The guest speaker, Gary Adams of the Top Gun Blue Angels, former UCLA baseball coach and confidant of John Wooden, captivated us with anecdotes from their close bond. An accomplished author on life lessons through sports, Gary’s motivational talk, peppered with humor, left us in stitches. His insights and the concluding baseball poem added a memorable touch to the evening.”

Hall of Fame Inductees, Vic Dhooge

Hall of Fame Inductees, Gene Adams

One of the highlights of the evening was the recognition of excellence within the Top Gun community. Two new Hall of Fame inductees were celebrated, joining an elite group of individuals who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

The heart of the evening was undoubtedly the acknowledgment of the Players of the Year. Eleven exceptional individuals were recognized for their unwavering commitment, leadership, and the profound impact they had on their respective teams. These players represent the very essence of what makes Top Gun Senior Softball exceptional.

As the evening concluded, and the applause subsided, one thing was clear: the Top Gun Annual Banquet for 2023 set a new standard. The sense of community, the spirit of giving, and the celebration of excellence came together to create an unforgettable event.

In the coming year, Top Gun Senior Softball looks forward to another season of camaraderie, competition, and continued support for their members and the broader community. The 2023 banquet will be remembered as a testament to the dedication and passion that defines the Top Gun Senior Softball family.

Stealth Makes History by Seizing Victory in 65+AAA Tournament of Champions

In a dazzling display of offensive and defensive prowess, the Stealth soared to victory in the 65+AAA Tournament of Champions, etching their name in softball history. The Stealth secured their place as trailblazers by becoming the first team in Top Gun history to win the coveted TOC crown, leaving an indelible mark on the competition.

Round Robin Highlights

The Stealth’s journey to the championship was marked by exceptional performances in the Round Robin matches. They opened with a hard-fought 19-16 win against 65 Major Prime Time (IL), showcasing their offensive might with a narrow three-run victory. The following game against 65 AA Shannon Fence CPOA (OH) was a defensive masterpiece, as Charles practically pitched a ‘shutout’ in a commanding 19-5 win with the inferior team being given a 5-run advantage.

Bracket play saw the Stealth as the #2 Seed, with victories against tough opponents like Spring Ford (PA) with a 25-10 win and a thrilling come-from-behind 7th inning win against Steve Levin Ameriprise (FL), where Tom sprinted home to score the winning run, capping off a memorable moment.

The journey continued with a setback against Northern Virginia Force (VA), but Coach Leigh’s invaluable guidance and the team’s unwavering support turned the tide in their favor.

Championship Finals

In the Championship Finals, the Stealth showcased a remarkable display of both offensive and defensive skills. A stellar three-home run game against Northern Virginia Force (VA) propelled them to a 31-15 victory. The Stealth not only double-dipped their opponent but also dominated in the “If” game Finals, securing the Tournament of Champions title.

Special Players of Note

The individual brilliance of players added an extra layer of excellence to the Stealth’s triumph. Tom “Killer Eyes” Mendez was awarded the coveted MVP title for his outstanding contributions throughout the tournament. His exceptional skills and leadership on the field played a pivotal role in the Stealth’s success.

Additionally, the All-Tournament players, David Bradford, Dan Tsuruta, Dave “D-Rod” Rodriguez, Fred “Woody” Calloway, and Brian Lamb, showcased their exceptional talents, contributing significantly to the team’s overall success.

Statistical Brilliance

The Stealth’s dominance was reflected in their impressive statistics. Offensively, they scored a total of 165 runs, and their run differential totaled 64, winning by an average of eight points per game. On the defensive end, they gave up a total of 101 runs, showcasing their resilience and strong performance.

As the Stealth celebrates their well-deserved victory, the Top Gun community extends heartfelt congratulations. The 65+AAA Tournament of Champions witnessed not only softball excellence but also a testament to the enduring spirit and camaraderie that define the sport.

Top Gun 60s Strike Gold in Hawaii Mayor’s Cup

In a historic achievement for the organization, the Top Gun Strike Force 60+ team emerged victorious, clinching gold in the Hawaii Mayor’s Cup held in Kona in January. This marked the team’s inaugural visit to the picturesque Hawaiian Islands, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The mastermind behind the success, Richard Pratt, not only organized the team but also coached them to an undefeated record. Clad in striking red and black uniforms with white and gray accents, the team, aptly named Strike Force, showcased their prowess on the field. The roster included 13 players, each with a Top Gun history, along with an enthusiastic entourage of family members.

A unique blend of experience was evident in the team composition, featuring three 60+ players, six 65+ players, and four 70+ players – making Strike Force the oldest team in the division. Despite facing teams with the advantage of three 55+ players, Top Gun’s seasoned players proved age is just a number.

Despite challenging field conditions, including rain delays and gusty winds, Strike Force overcame adversity. The temporary outfield fences and 75-foot bases posed no hindrance to the team’s determination.  The spirit of sportsmanship was not confined to the field; the Top Gun Strike Force team exemplified goodwill by presenting thoughtful Top Gun mementos to opposing coaches and tournament officials, fostering a sense of camaraderie that extended beyond the game.

The tournament wasn’t just about the games; off the field, the team shared memorable moments during team dinners and lively gatherings at the bar. Days without games were filled with island exploration, including visits to Hilo, waterfalls, volcanos, water sports, and more.  The King Kamehameha hotel provided a comfortable home base just minutes away from the ball fields. The team also enjoyed socializing at the welcome reception and indulged in an authentic luau organized by the tournament hosts.

Looking ahead, Richard Pratt has set his sights on next year, intending to assemble a 70+ team for another remarkable adventure. The Top Gun Strike Force’s triumph in Hawaii stands as a testament to the spirit of camaraderie, skill, and sportsmanship that defines the Top Gun organization.

Player Lineup

60+ Players:

  • Bobby Gun – 3rd base
  • Jeff Blakeman – Shortstop
  • Pat Rea – Outfield

65+ Players:

  • Ed Francel – 1st base, Outfield
  • Graham Sterling – 2nd base
  • Joel Hawk – Catcher
  • Johnny Gullatta – Outfield, Catcher
  • Mickey LeBlanc – Outfield
  • Steve VinCurek – Outfield

70+ Players:

  • Joe Hensley – Outfield
  • Mark Purdy – Catcher, 3rd base
  • Richard Pratt – Pitcher
  • Scott Wolters – 1st base, Catcher

Key Highlights

  • Pat Rea was named team MVP for flawless outfield play and consistent leadoff performance.
  • Bobby Gun led the team with 3 home runs and 11 RBIs.
  • Johnny Gullatta led the team in On-Base-Percentage with Scott Wolters and Mark Purdy both over 800.
  • Richard Pratt’s crafty pitching limited opponents to just 12 runs in 5 games against 5 different teams.
  • The team dominated, never batting in the open inning and never trailing having won by the mercy rule on the last two games.
  • Strike Force’s infield turned at least 10 double plays, showcasing their electric performance with diving catches in the outfield and numerous outfield assists.

Two Top-Performing Teams Secure World Championships

The recent SSUSA World Championships held in Las Vegas during September witnessed two remarkable teams triumph and bring home championship trophies.

Olde Dawgs, Led by Steven Koontz, Seize Victory in the 70AA Division

In an exhilarating turn of events, Steven Koontz guided the Olde Dawgs to a spectacular victory in the 70AA division. With an extraordinary comeback that saw them score eight runs in an open inning, including four impressive in-the-park home runs the last being a championship winner by Rick Roman (tournament MVP), the Olde Dawgs displayed exceptional determination and skill. Looking ahead to 2024, they are gearing up to compete at the AAA level.

Outstanding All-Tournament Selections: The tournament recognized and honored standout performers – Roger Penticoff, Ed Arroyo, Steve Koontz, Gary Mueller, and Gary Bloch.


Red Simmons and the Blue Angels Secure Another Championship in the 85+ Major Category

In the 85+ Major category, Red Simmons led the Blue Angels to yet another championship. Their victory was nothing short of thrilling, with a hard-fought win over Center for Sight, a formidable team from Florida. Remarkably, this marks Red Simmons’ eighth world championship in the last two decades, an impressive achievement as both a player and a manager.

Outstanding All-Tournament Selections: The tournament’s stellar performers included Gary Adams, Al Grefsheim, Rico Coronado, Bob McCormick, and Ronnie Guest.

Congratulations to both the Olde Dawgs and the Blue Angels for their exceptional achievements and for showcasing the true spirit of championship-level play at the SSUSA World Championships.”

2023 SoCal Championships Tournament Highlights

75AA Champions - Top Gun Olde Dawgs

Top Gun Olde Dawgs 75 played in the 75/80 Silver Division of the Southern California Championship Tournament at Diamond Valley Lakes Sports Complex in Hemet on June 20-22, 2023. In our 3 game seeding round we won games against Git-R-Done 18-8, Top Gun Gold 80 23-9 and lost to Top Gun Blue Angel 14-13. Won first game in Championship Bracket against Top Gun Blue Angels, lost game to Top Gun Gold 80 Major 19-13 and came back to beat Get-R-Done 13-10 for Championship and automatic bid to TOC. All tournament players were Dave Bubb, Nicho Hinojosa, Wayne Poindexter and John Rosenberg.

Team Standouts:

  • First the team had a 700% on base percentage for the tournament which will win most tournaments.
  • Jim Kenney had a golden tournament offensively, going 21 for 21 on base for a 1000% average and led the team with 16 RBI’s.
  • Frank Sperling batted for .737 on base percentage and played great defense at shortstop.
  • Frank Mazzeo had a .700 on base percentage with 13 RBI’s.
  • Ed Hawthorne had 12 RBI’s and batted for a .684 on base percentage.
  • Tom Harwood pitched brilliantly for 5 winning games and the team championship.

55AAA Champions - Top Gun Storm

Top Gun Storm 55AAA has an incredible 8th inning open inning in the Championship game to win the 2023 SoCal State Championships in Hemet CA. Top Gun Storm entered the Championship game by beating Fossil Fuel on Saturday afternoon 13-12 in the final winner's bracket game. Fossil Fuel beat Dirty Sox in the loser's bracket final on Sunday to enter the Championship game. In the Championship game, both teams were tied 12-12 going into the open inning. Top Gun Storm lead off the open inning but was unsuccessful scoring any runs. This opened the door for Fossil Fuel as they only needed one run to send this tournament into a second game and hoping that a "double dip" was within reach. Unfortunately, Fossil Fuel did not score in the open inning. So the game continued into the 8th inning also known as the international tie breaker. From there, Top Gun Storm took control of the game scoring 14 runs. Fossil Fuel made a valiant effort but were unsuccessful. This is the 2nd SSUSA TOC tournament win for the Top Gun Storm team in 2023. Congratulations gentlemen!!!

50AAA Champions - Top Gun Renegades

The Top Gun Renegades had a memorable journey in the SoCal State Championships, starting with a hard-fought victory over Rancid, winning 21-18. Their next game against the SoCal Bears started well, but they eventually suffered an 18-19 loss in the crucial open inning. Despite this setback, the Renegades believed they were underrated as the seventh seed.
In the bracket play, they faced the second-seeded Cali Gold and maintained a narrow lead throughout, winning 23-21 in a thrilling game. They then took on their familiar rival, Viejos, and secured a 25-22 victory, displaying consistency and resilience.

In the championship game rematch against Viejos, the Renegades experienced four lead changes. With Viejos leading by two runs in the top of the open inning, the Renegades staged a remarkable comeback, with their next four batters delivering a walk-off victory of 15-14. This extraordinary performance crowned them as the champions of the SoCal State Championships.

Throughout the tournament, the Renegades faced tough opponents and displayed their skills and determination. Despite facing challenges and experiencing their only loss in pool play, they persevered, showcasing their talent and ultimately emerging victorious in the championship game.

All Tournament players:
David Perez
Sonny Coon
George Ramsey
Eddie Fernandez
Billy Loard

80 Major Champions - Top Gun Gold

65AAA Champions - Top Gun Stealth

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